"Humanity is not divinity. Humanity is inherently being in need
—the creaturely need of continual connection to our Creator."



Life presents us with a multitude of challenges that we often strive to evade: the sting of loneliness, the grip of fear, the weight of vulnerability, the tension of conflict, and the ache of pain, to name a few. It is within these moments that our "false self" arises (the idealized persona that seeks to shield us from harm), donning a defensive guise in a futile attempt to protect us from the intrinsic aspects of our imperfect world. Be it the heartache of a troubled marriage, the anguish of losing a loved one, financial strife, vocational upheavals, the sting of repeated rejection, the uncertainty of a health crisis, the hollowness of personal failures, and more—this façade we construct persists in its efforts to obscure our true nature.

The Undefended Life Seminar beckons you to embrace life's challenges through the prism of a gospel-centered and grace-infused perspective, where God is actively engaged in unearthing the authentic, courageous self that resides beneath the surface.

This transformative seminar will profoundly shift your understanding of your connection with God, unveiling the beauty of embracing an honest, daring, and authentic perspective on life—a vital component of walking the path with Jesus. It will illuminate how the very experiences from which you seek solace can serve as both a beacon and invitation to a deeper understanding of God's boundless sufficiency. By relinquishing the constraints of pretense, people-pleasing, self-righteousness, and self-protection, you will uncover the freedom to live an undefended life, perceiving life's chaos as an opportunity to know God more intimately.

Through poignant storytelling and insightful biblical exposition, Dr. Daniel Bush will lead you across four captivating lectures on the art of perceiving life's turmoil in a transformative light, allowing you to discern God's presence amidst the trials. By doing so, your truest and most authentic self will be unleashed upon the world, empowered to make a lasting and positive impact.

The core content of Dr. Bush's book, Undefended, is the basis for this four-part seminar.

Sometimes something happens that changes everything. The Undefended Life Seminar does just that. This seminar is a powerful and revolutionary experience that will cause you to think new thoughts and sing new songs, and do it in a way that will lend new meaning to God’s mercy, his power, his grace and his love. There is a sense in which the Undefended Life Seminar could be called the “freedom seminar.” If the gold has gone dim in your faith and the forgiveness, freedom, joy and excitement you were promised has never quite become a reality, you’re in for an incredible experience of life changing proportions. Using his insights as a missionary, pastor, professor, scholar and psychotherapist, Dr. Bush will show you a road to walk where your walking will turn to dancing. Don’t miss this one!

STEVE BROWN, professor, pastor, national radio broadcaster, and author


Come along on a journey of spiritual awakening; the pilgrimage from personal competency and self-determination to broken dependency that we all must make.



Dr. Daniel Bush is a pioneer of a unique and integrated approach to Christian psychotherapy, combining the findings of psychodynamic psychotherapy, neuroscience and attachment research, psychosensory trauma interventions, and depth psychology with the story of the Christian gospel and God's purpose of transformational discipleship.

Dan joined the United States Air Force after receiving his bachelor of science in civil engineering from Michigan Technological University, where he served for a decade as a civil engineering officer, separating honorably in 2006 with the rank of major. He received his master's degrees in divinity (MDiv) and theology (ThM) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and was listed in the Who's Who of American Graduate Students in 2004 and 2006. He taught theology and the Bible in the Philippines and China, and did evangelistic work in Scotland. Dan began his PhD program in divinity at the University of Aberdeen in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 2008, where he studied under Britain's leading contemporary, systematic theologian of the time, Prof. John Webster (DD, PhD, FRSE).

From 2011 to 2019, he led a small Evangelical Presbyterian congregation in Kentucky, completed his doctoral studies (2014), and worked on church revitalization and church planting projects. Having engaged in regular and consistent pastoral counseling throughout his ministry, he sought out additional counseling training, beginning with the spiritual direction program under the tutelage of Dr. Larry Crabb. Dan finished the spiritual direction certificate

program in 2019, just before Dr. Crabb's untimely death. With a growing clientele in pastoral counseling and spiritual direction, Dan pursued formal training in clinical mental health counseling, earning an MA in early 2021 from Northwestern University. He also serves as an adjunct professor in Shaw University's Christian Ministries program (2016–present).

Dr. Daniel Bush founded Everglade Psychotherapy Group in 2021 to cultivate healing and growth for those who have experienced developmental and complex trauma, as well as those who are struggling in their marriages and wish to integrate their Christian faith into their treatment. In his 16 years of pastoral and clinical counseling, Dan has helped hundreds of people heal and transform their lives.

Dan is the author of Undefended: Discovering God When Your Guard Is Down (Kirkdale, 2017), Live in Liberty: The Spiritual Message of Galatians (Lexham, 2016), and Embracing God as Father: Christian Identity in the Family of God (Lexham, 2015).

Dan and his wife, Brittany, live in Northern Kentucky and enjoy spending time with their children and dog.


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The seminar's critical message must be emphasized again and again: one does not need any defense other than Jesus, because there is nothing to defend in his love, grace, and acceptance. Don't miss out on this message, which will help you overcome the obstacles in your live that prevent you from experiencing the full depth and breadth of God's grace.